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FASANO and its area

Fasano, as all the old little city of south Italy, is characterized by a cute old town where tiny streets follow each other, with wall by white plaster, small arches and little squares. In the old town you will be able to admire a really old “Torrione” that supevised the door of the old city, in one of the oldest square of the old town it possible to visit the Museum of "Casa alla Fasanese"

and spreaded in the town it i salso possible to visit different churcs, “La chiesa Matrice” is the main church of the city, from the XVII century, dedicated to San Giovanni Battista. The massive front recentely restaurated from the renaissance ages and a really charatteristic rose window. The chapels and the altar keep still some baroque details, paintings by artists from Venice and Naple and wood sculture. Outside the old town, in the main street of the city “Corso Vittorio Emanuele”, it is possible to admire the beautiful Church “del Purgatorio” built in 1669, with the altar made by polychrome marbles and particular stones from Naples, paintings from VII century and  the crucifixin wood made in the end of XVI century. An other old access to the old town is the “Via del Balì” where you can admire a tombstone in memory of the citizens that died for defend Fasano from the Turkish invasion the 2nd of June 1678. Further from this other entrance of the old town it is possible to walk under the “Arco del Cavaliere” that permits to access to the “cortile del Palazzo Baliale”; here it is possible to admire one of the oldest building of the city that was restored in the 1800.

The main square is dedicated to the martyr and poet Ignazio Ciaia, from there it is possible to walk through the two principal streets of the city, where it is possible to admire extremely beautiful buildings made in the XVIII e XIV century.

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Fishing village...

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The beaches...

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Naturalistic treasure and timeless elegance...

fasano and surroundings

Around 15 till 25 Km you can also visit:


BASE (inclusi per tutti i piani tariffari):

​- Prima Colazione;

- Servizio internet ADSL con connessione Wi-Fi,

- Riscaldamento;

- Aria Condizionata;

- Televisore a LED Full-HD;

- Set di cortesia;
- Set di biancheria.

EXTRA (a pagamento - NON inclusi per tutti i piani tariffari):

- Parcheggio auto privato in loco;

- Navetta da e per Aeroporto di Bari;

- Navetta da e per Aeroporto di Brindisi;

- Navetta urbana/extra-urbana;

- Servizio di Prima Colazione in camera;

- Babysitting;

- Noleggio city-bike;

- Check-out ritardato (laddove possibile).


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Fasano and its area
Fasano and surroundings
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